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Insight has developed a staff of qualified and dedicated professionals that have continually refined the EMS reimbursement management process for its clients with one goal for each client: to maximize reimbursement and to achieve payments for clients in the shortest period possible. The Insight staff has continued to grow through the years as new clients have been added and as existing clients’ needs have increased. It has been a successful road for each Insight client, and that has pushed Insight to the top tier of Louisiana service companies. Insight’s success can be attributed to the outstanding management staff and the processes they have put in place. Please find below descriptions and qualifications of the entire Insight Senior Management Team.

Scott Shurley


Scott Shurley, a native of Baton Rouge, started his EMS reimbursement management carrier in October of 2002 as he accepted the role of Chief of Information Services at Aeromedical Collection Services, Inc. He is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Management Information System and obtained his Master of Business Administration with and Executive Track at Louisiana State University in Shreveport in 2012. Immediately following Scott’s graduation from Louisiana Tech, He accepted a job with Electronic Data Systems where he provided Engineering and Information System services to General Motors Corp.

Scott used his knowledge in Information Systems, Project Management, and ISO 9000 procedures that he gained from working with these two Fortune 500 companies to better the infrastructure at Aeromedical. Shurley served as President at Aeromedical Collection Services from 2012 until his departure. Shurley’s knowledge in EMS reimbursement, along with desire to operate his own company, laid the foundation for Insight Billing Corporation which was established in 2016. Insight will never force a client to use a particular software or hardware but will work with “best of breed” partnerships in order to provide the client with richer interfaces and completely integrated solutions.

Proven technology combined with sound business practices ensure that maximum reimbursement is obtained for every claim. Shurley is dedicated to keeping Insight on the cutting edge of technical billing services, while providing a stable and productive working environment for employees in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Vicki Pylant


Vicki is a lifelong Louisiana resident, a 1998 graduate of Louisiana State University of Shreveport with a specialization in Human Resources and Training. She further studied at LSU Baton Rouge and completed study in Fundamentals of Management. Vicki came to Insight after fourteen years of business management, nine of which were at the senior management level.

Prior to assuming her senior management position at Insight, she completed a lengthy management career at Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Bossier City, Louisiana, where she was the Director of Guest Services and Special Project Manager. Prior to that Promotion, She Served as Training/Quality Assurance Manager at Horseshoe, a position she held since 2002. Vicki has six years’ experience managing large group of employees. At one time, she was responsible for 1200 employees, in a company that grew rapidly. Vicki uses her impeccable people skills in working daily with each Insight client in many areas, assuring each client that Insight is performing at peak capacity to achieve maximum reimbursement for every claim processed. She is chiefly responsible for the operations of the entire claims process at Insight, from hiring and training employees, to ensuring they are performing at maximum efficiency and overseeing the Claims Billing, Posting and Follow-up Departments.

John T. Prock

Insight Quality and Compliance Manager

John T. Prock has spent approximately 30 years in the manufacturing industry in both structural steel manufacturing and in the steel foundry business. For 20 of those years John served in the Steel Casting Industry as Chief Inspector, Quality Assurance Manager, Operations Control Manager and Production Control Manager for nationally known steel foundries.

His experience and knowledge of quality assurance processes and control were instrumental in obtaining Certified Quality Supplier status from such nationally known clients as Vermeer Manufacturing, Caterpillar Tractor Company, Eaton Corporation Axle Division, and Associated Pipe and Pilling Company. John assumed the role as Insight’s Quality Control and Process Control Manager. In that capacity, he is chiefly responsible for the constant maintenance of Insight’s in-depth compliance programs that contains numerous on-site and off-site daily, weekly, and monthly compliance audits for all its processes for each one of its clients. John is charged to verify that each Insight employee performs each task according to the standards and at the quality levels established and maintained in the company’s Quality Control Program.

Sandra Niemi

Accounts Receivable Manager

Sandra Niemi has over 30 years’ experience in medical billing. Prior to working for Insight, she worked in numerous settings: a hospital, doctor’s office, and skilled nursing facility. In the hospital, she was Supervisor of Physician Billing and became familiar with third-party billing. At the doctor’s office, she specialized in Medicare and Louisiana Medicaid. Due to her cast knowledge of medical billing, especially Louisiana Medicaid, she was recruited and hired by Insight. Sandra works closely with Team Supervisors to ensure their teams are filing claims in a timely and accurate manner, ensuring maximum reimbursement for each of our clients.

Sandra also is an expert in appealing denials and claims that seem impossible to receive payment on. The supervisors refer the most difficult situations to Sandra, and she works them diligently until we receive payment. This may require three or four appeals, or even an escalation to an Administrative Law Judge, but Sandra’s expertise in this has proven to be successful.

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